“We are a military family completing our third, most complicated, adoption. We have had good attorneys in the past, but Paul provided a level of service we never expected. Our unique situation presented challenges that even baffled the legislative bodies that wrote the rules. Paul served as a liaison between the different entities and, ultimately, derived unambiguous answers; equally as important, he advocated for our family throughout the process. Our adoption agency, who works with hundreds of families, commended Paul for his ethical standards. My husband refers to Paul as the ‘Chuck Norris of adoption attorneys,’ and rightly so!” –The Abrego Family, Santa Rosa County, Florida

“Paul, thanks so much for your help with the re-adoption of our daughter Maranda. After the years and mountains of paperwork to get her, we had no desire to try to figure out what the court needed to close the adoption loop. Fortunately I’d kept your card for several years and contacted you. You knew everything we needed, was super fast and clear in your communications with us along the way, and filed all our documents immediately. The court hearing was a breeze because everything the judge wanted, he had, and we knew exactly what to expect. Well done and I still have that old card.”–Jeff Byrnes, Broward County, Florida

“Art and I want to thank you for handling the Recognition of Foreign Adoption for Isabella Grace. I know we waited forever and I appreciate the motivation on your part. You were phenomenal with the judge! It’s apparent they do not deal with these petitions on a regular basis and I know the judge was impressed with how well you guided all of us through the process. Your knowledge of the laws pertaining to re- adoption/recognition of foreign adoption was well noted, and you had an excellent grasp on everything that needed to be addressed…. Thanks a million!” –Susan Fremer, Florida Director, Great Wall China Adoption, Hernando County, Florida

“Paul Consbruck is a blessing to families who need legal assistance with their international adoption process. Paul is one of those rare people you come across whose professional mission and personal values are in alignment. We highly recommend his service.” –The Scott Family, Orlando, Florida

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you have provided our family. After several attempts at doing the re-adoption on our own, it became clear that this is not an easy or straightforward task. You easily navigated the red-tape, and helped us complete this final phase of a very long process.” –Bryan Berger, Pinellas County, Florida

“I want to truly thank you for all your assistance in finalizing our daughter’s paperwork! It was such a pleasure working with you… you were always so helpful, answered all my questions, and were very prompt and organized with necessary information, appointments, etc. Above all, you were always professional, yet with a very personal approach. We are very grateful for all you did in helping us to complete the last step in our daughter’s adoption process! Our very best to you and your family.” –The Danko Family, Boca Raton, Florida

“Paul, you are such a blessing. Thank you. After the exhausting journey of bringing Lucas home from Vietnam, the thought of more paperwork made me sigh deeply. I did know that this was something I’d rather take care of now than down the road. Once I spoke to Paul, I knew I was in good, caring and professional hands. The readoption and name change was handled with such ease. I was truly hands off until the day of the hearing. Paul, you are a gem, and I have only high recommendations for you. From my heart……Thank you!” –Liz Spagnoli, Miami, Florida

“Paul gives new meaning to the word, ‘professionalism.’ He is remarkably competent, organized and knowledgeable. Paul commanded every stage of my process, allowing me the luxury of enjoying this last leg of my son’s adoption journey. Perhaps more importantly than Paul’s considerable legal skill-set is his compassion. His love for his work is so very apparent. It was a joy working with him. Thank you… for all of your help.” –Toni Cursio, Jacksonville, Florida

“Paul Consbruck’s reputation is very well known in the adoption community in Florida. Having heard his name many times repeatedly throughout our almost three-year journey, we hoped that when our turn came we would be dealing with a reputable attorney. When we finally got home with our daughter, the last thing we wanted to do was try and figure out more paperwork and risk doing it incorrectly. After speaking with Paul and corresponding with him through emails, we felt very comfortable using his services. The process with Paul was very efficient, quick, and easy…. Using Paul’s services enabled us to relax and enjoy our daughter’s court day!” –Jon and Ann Crews, Orange Park, Florida

“Paul made the re-adoption of our daughter Jasmine, an enjoyable experience! We were caught in the very turbulent situation in Vietnam, where our daughter was born. After months of intense stress, we were hesitant to start the re-adoption process. Paul put all of our fears to rest and provided us with exceptional service. His kindness, compassion and professionalism made this the easiest part of the adoption process. He took care of every aspect of the process for us and we were left with nothing to worry about. We would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend him.” — Nick Grillo, Ana Armstrong & Jasmine Armstrong Grillo, Lake County, Florida

“Working with Paul was the easiest process in our adoption experience. He is courteous, compassionate, and has a true understanding of the re- adoption process since he is also an adoptive father. Our re-adoption was completed mostly via email and a few telephone conversations. He is always readily available and always returns telephone calls…he knows the legal system and ensured our final re-adoption was a wonderful experience!” –Barbara Palomino de Velasco, Sarasota, Florida

“Not only was Paul reasonably priced and extremely helpful, but he also has adopted children of his own. We felt very comfortable utilizing his services for our recognition of adoption and name change for our son and plan to work with him in the future on our wills. He is honest, reliable, and never too busy to answer questions. Even though we live in Orlando, this did not present any problems as he frequently travels to our area. I would highly recommend Paul just as he was recommended to me by another mother of an adopted child.” –-Christa Santiago, Winter Park, Florida

“Perhaps because I am a law professor, I quickly decided that it would be better to hire someone with real expertise than to muddle on my own through the court procedures. Paul made the entire process exceptionally easy. Paul responded promptly to questions, took care of all the details, and always acted professionally. If my husband and I adopt a second time from China, we will again retain Paul to obtain Florida recognition of the adoption.” –Charlene Luke, Tallahassee, Florida

“I want to truly thank you for all your assistance with our domestication process. After adopting two kids I knew I needed to eventually get it done, but I put it off because all I could think of was all that paperwork again! Before I was referred to you all I came across was unqualified lawyers or lawyers who charged outrageous fees! Thank god I found you. Your professionalism is refreshing and what a pleasant experience it was in court with you. You were always available to us every step of the way.” –Wendy Betulia, Boca Raton, Florida

“My husband and I would like to thank you for doing such a great job with the re-adoption of our children. After making the decision to domesticate our Russian adoptions, we began the process of researching to find a qualified attorney. Thank goodness we found you! You are truly a Godsend to families that have adopted internationally. From the moment we began the process, you were organized, courteous, meticulous in your paperwork, and a pleasure to work with. It all happened so quickly, and we found it to be an exciting time for our entire family. Thanks again for your wonderful service. We have and will continue to refer you to other families. God bless you and please keep in touch.” –Peyton & Laine Robertson, Orlando Florida

“We would like to thank Paul for making the re-adoption of our daughter, Hannah a smooth one. Paul has such an easy-going, calming personality that made this entire process a breeze from start to finish. Thank you so much for making this experience a pure joy.” –Kelli, Chris & Hannah Sciortino, Hernando County , Florida

“We want to personally thank you for all the help that you have given us in completing the adoption process. We adopted our little girl from India and have being doing this seemingly “endless” paperwork for the last two years, here and in India. When we found out there was more to do when she arrived here it was not something that we looked forward to. Your help in the process was a boon. After contacting you we never had to do a thing before showing up for the hearing and that went through like a breeze as well. Thanks for everything you have done and wish you the very best in the efforts to help families like us.” –Senthil & Vishali Meenrajan, Jacksonville, Florida

“We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance in completing the recognition of foreign adoption for our daughter. It was a pleasure working with you. It means so much to have someone who understands not only the intricacies of international adoption, but also the challenges of completing paperwork once you have a little one at home to distract you!! Your family-centered philosophy and flexibility made all the difference to us. Based on that, as well as your professionalism and comprehensive knowledge of the process, we will be highly recommending you to anyone seeking legal assistance for a recognition of foreign adoption in Florida.” –Don & Toni Stansell, New Port Richey, Florida

“Paul was a Godsend. We had only a short time stateside to complete the re-adoption before my husband had to return to his overseas duty station. Due to Paul’s hard work it was made possible and painless.” –Elouise & Nick Shore, Lajes Field, Azores

“I am so glad we hired Paul Consbruck to assist us in the name change and recognition of foreign birth of our daughter Mia. After an extremely challenging adoption process, it was a relief to have this part go so smoothly. Paul answered all of our questions and walked us through the process. The time at the Pinellas County Courthouse was about 30 minutes. The small amount of prep work prior to the court date was handled by email, phone, and regular mail. We have recommended Paul to friends and acquaintances without hesitation. Thank you Paul, for all of your assistance!” –Chris, Jen & Mia Schlenker, Palm Harbor, Florida

“Paul backs up exactly what he says he will do. In explaining the value of his services, he states that different Florida counties have different approaches and he takes care of the roadblocks you would face on your own. When we brought our daughter Zoe Liwei before the judge, the judge was not prepared or knowledgeable about getting a U.S. birth certificate for an international adoptee, although he was open to being educated on the issue. Paul skillfully laid out the issues and answered the judge’s concerns and questions. In minutes, we had a favorable ruling. It doesn’t get any better than that!” –Michael & Julie Parnell, Middleburg, Florida

“Thanks Paul, you exceeded our expectations! You made it a pleasant and easy experience.” — Steve Smolin, Palm Beach County, Florida

“After being quoted higher prices for completing a Recognition of Foreign Adoption by other attorneys, my husband and I were happy to hear about Paul from an adoption message board. Throughout the process, Paul was personable, very responsive, easy to work with and extremely thorough. His fees are reasonable and he also gave us a lower price for completing our wills. We are so glad we worked with Paul and had the opportunity to meet his family. I’d highly recommend him!” –Laura, Steve, & Sara Manville, Safety Harbor, Florida

“We wanted to take a moment to commend Paul for the outstanding work he did in completing our daughter’s recognition of foreign adoption. Paul was very professional, friendly and efficient. Although we live a long distance from Paul, he communicated regularly with us via email and phone and was always very quick to respond to any questions we had. Paul’s fees were also very reasonable. Believe us when we say that he is well worth every cent! Our process went smoothly thanks to his expertise. Paul did an exemplary job for us and we very much appreciate his hard work.” –Stacey, Jon, & Mia Milchman, Tavernier, Florida

“We were referred to Paul from a family who used the same adoption agency as us. Paul made the re-adoption process so simple and easy to understand. He was very flexible with our schedule. It was a pleasure working with him. I highly recommend him to families wishing to have their foreign adoption recognized by the State. Thank you Paul-we appreciate all that you did for us.” –Aleisa, Patrick, & Maya Lily Lian Dunn, Celebration, Florida

“Thanks again for helping us get our Florida Birth Certificate. Our daughter Madison has been with us from China now going on five years and it has been on our minds to get this done since we brought her home. We were very pleased at how easy you made this happen. And what a relief off our minds to know that everything is finally done. Thanks for taking the time and energy and making this a very pain-free experience.” –Rick & Sara Mayo, Palm Beach County, Florida

“We waited a little more than a year to complete the re-adoption of our son, mostly because we didn’t want to deal with arduous paperwork, a lot of red-tape, and having to constantly chase an attorney to call us back or get information. Then we met with Paul. We’re still shocked at how easy he made this process for us and how excellent his communication and follow-up was. Now we wish we had done it sooner. There is no higher recommendation we could give. If you are looking for Post-Adoption Legal Care, call Paul. He will definitely look out for your best interests and get the job done for you stress-free.” –The DiNicola Family, Holiday, Florida

“My husband and I adopted a beautiful and lively little girl from China in November of 2006. We shopped around for an attorney to help us re- adopt our little girl when we got home. After many phone calls and e- mails with other attorneys, a friend of ours sent us Mr. Consbruck’s web- site. I e-mailed Mr. Consbruck to find out what we needed to do and he made it very easy to understand. After all of the paperwork that we did to adopt our daughter in China…we wanted easy!!!! He sent us the forms that we needed to fill out (all of it very easy to understand) and his prices were very affordable. In about six weeks we had our court date and we re-adopted our daughter with no problems. Paul Consbruck is wonderful to work with and we highly recommend him! Thanks Paul!” –Keith, Lori, & Jennifer Crumpton, Leesburg, Florida

“We just went to court with Paul to readopt our Chinese son in the State of Florida. Nothing could have been so seamless and simple. Mr. Consbruck had everything organized and the process was meticulously executed.” –Andrea & Robert Colton, Boca Raton, Florida

“We were delighted! Paul handled everything perfectly for us. We faced some challenges and road blocks that we couldn’t have dealt with on our own. The legal process is much harder than we anticipated, so we were relieved that we had an attorney who could handle the problems for us. Paul made a difficult and complicated process smooth and easy.” –Rich & Karen Schofield, Gainesville, Florida

“We just wanted you to know that we appreciate all you did for us. We adopted our daughter from China in 2000 and never thought much about readopting in the states until we tried to get a U.S. passport for her. We discovered we did not have paperwork recognized by the U.S. Government that we are the legal parents of our daughter. I heard about Paul from our local Chinese support group. I called and talked personally to Paul and he explained the process to us. After talking with Paul we felt as though he was a friend looking out for our best interest. We did not hesitate to hire him and start the process. Paul kept in touch with us every step of the way. He was professional and courteous throughout. Paul went out of his way to make the event pleasurable and painless for our family. At his request, after the hearing, we had a picture with the Judge, and were personally escorted to get certified copies of our documents…we felt like royalty for the day! We highly recommend Paul Consbruck.” –The Rengert Family, Navarre, Florida

“I really do not know what I would have done without Paul. I was one of those crazy people who went through this whole process without an agency. That worked fine until I found myself over my head in the wonderful world of USCIS. Paul was kind enough to advise me even though I was just a frantic stranger calling. I knew then that I would go back to him for help once it was time to finalize the adoption. He has been professional, communicative and a source of calm guidance through a process that is everything but. I did not meet Paul in person until the day of court, but knew him as soon as I came off the elevator. He, his wife and lovely daughter were there to greet me. I would highly recommend his services to other families out there. It is also great to know that he understands what we are going through. Thank you Paul. Lots of love.” –Andrea & Daniel McNair, Orlando, Florida

“I used Paul’s services to acquire the final judgment for Recognition of Foreign Adoption. He did an exemplary job always communicating the status, explaining the various steps in the process, and providing much appreciated emotional support. Paul made an otherwise stressful process easy and actually enjoyable. I highly recommend him!” –Janis Warner, Boca Raton, Florida

“My wife and I recently adopted two brothers from Ethiopia. After returning home with our beautiful boys we wanted to spend as much time with them as possible and certainly dreaded further paperwork and bureaucracy that was needed to re-certify the adoption here in the states. Mr. Consbruck came highly recommended to us and we are happy to say that he deserves the reputation. The process could not have been any easier or simpler. His passion for adoptions is obvious and his humanity and approach is remarkable. We would never hesitate in the least recommending him or using him again.” –Drs. Brian & Tea Stephens with Asegid and Habtu Stephens, Jacksonville, Florida

“Paul did a fantastic job assisting us in obtaining the Recognition of Foreign Adoption for our daughters. His familiarity with the process enabled things to go very smoothly and it seemed almost effortless on our end. We just filled out a few forms and showed up for the court date, Paul took care of the rest. Everything was completed in just five weeks and throughout the process Paul stayed in touch through email and phone calls. We will absolutely recommend him to other adoptive families in our area.” –The Marshall Family, Orlando, Florida

“My wife and I initially filed for my son’s readoption by ourselves. We actually had our appointment with the judge, but ran into a roadblock when the judge told us we would have to wait six months to file for readoption. We promptly got in touch with Paul, who handled everything quickly and professionally. Within two weeks, we had our court appointment with the same judge, and we left with a Recognition of Foreign Adoption. I cannot stress this enough: it is critical to have someone representing you who thoroughly understands the Florida law as it pertains to readoption! We are extremely pleased with the results.” –Greg & Kelly Estes, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

“Everyone involved with the world of International Adoption knows what a daunting and arduous journey the entire process is, not to mention the financial and emotional toll it takes. The time involved, the money involved, and the grueling paperwork is seemingly endless. Once we were home with our daughter and settled in a bit, I began to research the readoption/recognition of foreign adoption process. It truly made my head hurt to think of more paperwork. Then I stumbled across Paul’s name in an email on an adoption chat group. I researched further and the words “stress free, quick and painless, affordable” all leapt off the page. I contacted Paul and can now only reiterate what so many others have said. His fees are affordable, and other than forwarding a few documents to him, he did the rest. I had to do nothing! He is personable and very professional, stayed in constant contact by phone and email, notified us of our court date and time, and was there to meet us with his wife and daughter. Within minutes it was over, and official. Plus, when we walked out of the court room we had our very own cheering section in his wife and daughter! I’m forever grateful to Paul for holding our hands during this final phase of the adoption process. I’m going back to that chat group to recommend him to others!” –Darrell, Shirley, & Mailia Hauer, Kissimmee, Florida

“We just wanted to take the time to thank you again for making the Recognition of our Foreign Adoption happen. After all the paperwork we had to complete for the adoption I just couldn’t face doing it on my own. Thank you for all the calls and emails. You made the process for us easy, comfortable, and uncomplicated! We will recommend your name to friends in Tampa.” –Jacalyn & Kyle Keller, Dunedin, Florida

“We are very happy and pleased with Paul’s fast and efficient handling of our daughter’s re-adoption. We are extremely busy people, and while we were hearing other people complain that they had to do a bunch of confusing paperwork, we just let Paul handle it. I would recommend him to anyone. Excellent and honest!” –Jose Gonzalez, Monroe County, Florida

“Paul made the process incredibly easy for us and many other families in Duval County, and I can happily recommend him to handle your Recognition of Foreign Adoption. He is an honest, kind, caring and loving adoptive Daddy, and will represent you well and take very good care of you and your family.” –Pam Eidson, Jacksonville, Florida

“After adopting our daughter from Gansu Province, China, my husband Marc and I immediately began the search for an attorney to represent us in having her adoption recognized by the State of Florida. This process would allow us to have a Florida Birth Certificate issued to her. Paul Consbruck was referred to us by a very trusted friend. Once we spoke to Paul we knew he was the right person to take care of this important final step in our daughter’s adoption. He is knowledgeable, efficient, kind and, as an added incentive, his charge for this service is extremely reasonable. When it came time to go before the judge, every detail had been completely taken care of. Paul made our day happy and stress free. I have recommended him highly to other people in my area who need their adoptions recognized or need re-adoptions done. They have all been as satisfied as we were.” –Lori Weinstock, Chairperson for FCC South Florida, Pembroke Pines, Florida

“We are so lucky to have Paul in our local “adoptive families” community. Paul made the Recognition of a Foreign Adoption process so easy and stress-free for our family. We delayed taking care of this for over a year after we came home from China with our daughter. We just continued to procrastinate about doing MORE paperwork. However, we now wish we had taken care of it sooner. We simply pulled a few documents and completed a brief questionnaire, and Paul handled everything else. We highly recommend Paul’s services. He is extremely knowledgeable about the laws related to adoption, and we are so appreciative of his professionalism, responsiveness & understanding of our needs. We are currently working on our 2nd adoption from China, and will definitely use him again after we come home with “baby sister”. –Sherry & Steve Stafford, St. Augustine, Florida

“Due to Mr. Consbruck’s legal knowledge and first-hand experience of the adoption process, our daughter’s Recognition of Foreign Birth was professionally handled in a straight-forward manner with no surprises. Our sincere respect and appreciation to Paul and his family for their support in this matter. It could not have gone smoother.” –The Strother Family, Green Cove Springs, Florida

“After adopting two children five months apart we were pleased to have contacted Paul Conbruck to handle our Recognition of Foreign Adoption. We communicated with Paul through phone calls and e-mails. Paul handled all our paperwork and advised us of our court date. We showed up for court where we finally were able to meet Paul, his wife, and little girl. Paul answered all our questions, always got back to us promptly, and even took a wonderful picture of our family with the judge. Paul truly made the process stress free!” –The Cederblom Family, Orlando, Florida

“Thank you for your fine service. I had interviewed some local attorneys before contacting you and realized that they did not really understand the procedure and were going to charge a larger fee to learn at our expense. It was then that we decided to engage the services of someone who had been there and who knew exactly what to do to make the process painless for us. After all, dealing with Homeland Security, who had lost our older daughter’s file for six months, was frustration enough. We had been told by many people that the procedure was simple and that we could do it ourselves, but since I am an attorney, although a real estate attorney, I strongly believe that “he who represents himself has a fool for a client”. I was taught that in law school and followed it throughout my career. I have always believed in hiring professionals to do a professional job and hiring you proved, once again, that it is the smartest thing to do. This is especially true when our children are concerned. Thank you for making it so easy, and I will not hesitate to give your name to other adoptive parents. BTW, you may hear from us again. Dottie and I are trying to beat the rule changes in China in an attempt to adopt our third child.” –Harvey, Dottie, Angelica, & Olivia Lasky, Sumter County, Florida

“Thank you, Paul, for helping us with our Re-adoption of Joleigh. You put our minds at ease. You were quick to respond to our request and made it so simple for us that all we had to do was show up for the court hearing and answer your questions . Just knowing you had been there just like us, as an adoptive parent, made us realize that you really care for each family you work with. Thank you again for all that you do and I will continue to refer people to you. God Bless you and your family as you wait on your precious baby from China.” –Chip & Mendy Parmer, Cottondale, Florida

“Lucia and I adopted our daughter from Taiwan while living overseas in Japan. The adoption was finalized overseas and upon arriving in the United States, our daughter was granted citizenship. A few months later, we did some research on the benefits of re-adoption, including the fact that there would be a record documenting our daughter’s adoption in a U. S. court which would be easily retrievable in the future, should something happen to the paperwork we have from Taiwan. We thought about doing the paperwork for re-adoption ourselves, but are glad that before we started, we were referred by a friend to Paul Consbruck. He took what could have been yet another paper chase in the adoption process and turned it into a very straightforward experience. His knowledge and familiarity with adoption law were clearly evident and he was available by phone or e-mail to answer any questions we had. He has our highest recommendation for other adoptive families.” –Adam Saperstein, Jacksonville, Florida

“You did an excellent job and we highly recommend you to everyone.” –The Coley Family, Jacksonville, Florida

“Thank you from the heart, Mr. Consbruck, for your help in assisting my husband and I to readopt our two Chinese daughters in Florida. It was so easy working with you. After the many months of stress inherent to this wonderful but lengthy process, having your responsiveness, expertise and personal experience as a China Dad was a huge relief to us. Instead of a hassle, our day in court was something truly touching to remember always. A million thanks are not enough!” –Toby & Charles McConnell, Plantation, Florida

“We would like to thank you so very much for handling the ‘recognition of foreign adoption’ for our two girls. We were not looking forward to searching for the documents needed and trying to file things ourselves. You were wonderful with the guidance which allowed us to do minimal work with the confidence that you would handle all of the items we would need for the big day. If fact, thank you for having everything ready so that we were able to basically show up without any worries and concentrate on our girls for the day. I have heard of the nightmares people have experienced with this process, but your calm manner and gentle guidance made everything run smoothly. For this, we are most appreciative. On behalf of our daughters and ourselves, we thank you once more.” –Charles & Gigi Parker, Jacksonville, Florida

“Thank you, Paul, for all of your help with this process. You really made it extremely easy for us to just show up at court and raise our right hand! It was also a pleasure to meet you, Stephanie and Casey.” –Barbara Trebbi, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“I adopted my daughter from Guatemala in 2005. I contacted several attorneys to get prices on doing a name change and Florida Recognition of Foreign Adoption. Because of the cost, I decided I would try to do it myself, but then Paul was recommended to me. For a very reasonable fee, he gathered all the information, filed all the paperwork, and told me when to appear in court. It was easy, stress free, and a pleasant experience. I recently obtained Paul’s services again to get a will drawn up. He also helped with my living will and other necessary documents . Once again, I found his services well-suited to my needs. I have recommended Paul to several other adoptive families. Finally, a part of this adoption process made easy!” –Terri Weidle, Jacksonville, Florida

“Paul’s professional guidance during the Recognition of Foreign Adoption of our daughter Yasmin made the whole process very easy. Paul was fast and efficient in every step of the way. We are so glad that we had his professional assistance during this process here in Broward County. We highly recommend his services.” –Minouche, Delfim & Yasmin Martins, Broward County, Florida

“It was worth the money and no hassle on my part. It was great to have someone take care of this for me with absolutely no stress!!! Thank you!” –Vicky Loos, Jacksonville, Florida

“We put off the domestic re-adoption process of our Chinese-born daughter as we were understandably burned out by the arduous adoption paperwork process. After returning home from China, the last thing we felt like doing was figuring out how to domesticate the adoption in our local court and continue to write checks for fees upwards of $1,500. Because she wasn’t yet of school age, there seemed no pressing need to obtain a state birth certificate, so we coasted for a year. When Paul offered his services for a very reasonable rate in our local FCC group, we signed on at once. What a relief it was to have someone tell us what was needed and just handle the rest. Basically, we provided the few documents he requested, and showed up at the courthouse on the appointed day! Our day in Duval County Court was surprisingly touching and important. It closed the door on the lengthy process each family initiated when we signed those initial adoption applications so long before. A few weeks later we received the finalized domestic adoption decree, and the State of Florida Certificate of Foreign Birth in the mail.” –Jeannie Greenwald, Jacksonville, Florida

“When we adopted our daughter in June of 2005, I had intended to handle her readoption myself, but one year later I STILL had not done this! I would look at the papers and think, “Oh, goodness…where to begin?!” A fellow FCC member had used Paul to handle her daughter’s readoption, and she RAVED about him! She couldn’t get over his outstanding service! Thus, we asked Paul to represent us and handle our daughter’s readoption. From the very first contact we had with Paul, he handled what would have been a complicated and tedious task and made our daughter’s readoption a joyous and stress-free event. Paul emailed me all the documents and told me step-by-step what I needed to do. Then, I was able to sit back and relax while he handled the rest! Add to this the fact that Paul was there with us to personally handle our court appearance, and the filing of our documents, and we experienced a very special and stress-free day!” –Mary & Neil Rodin, Miramar, Florida

“Paul handled our daughter’s Recognition of Foreign Adoption. She had so much fun meeting the other little girls. It all went so smoothly.” –The Tudor Family, Jacksonville, Florida

“Just wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with this final part of the adoption process. During the long and grueling past three years prior to the adoption of our little china doll, it is refreshing to deal with someone who doesn’t have an “expiration date” on them. Dealing with the court system in South Florida is a problem in itself, but your professionalism and out-of-area communication made a tedious process move quickly and expertly. Consider us very satisfied clients who recommend your legal knowledge to other new adoptive parents in Florida.” –Cathy, Richie & Jasmine Swirski, Cooper City, Florida

“After navigating the miles of paperwork for two international adoptions, it was SO wonderful to let Paul handle things once we got home. He took care of our daughter’s U.S. birth certificate as well as our new son’s re- adoption and citizenship. It was almost effortless on our part. Paul was always available to help us. We never had to chase him down to get answers! We appreciate everything he did for us, and we’d turn to him in a heartbeat again if need be.” –Jenny & Rick Maurisak, St. Augustine, Florida

“My husband and I returned from China with our daughter in April 2006. Thanks, in large part to Paul, we received a favorable final judgment for a Recognition of Foreign Adoption in the state of Florida by the end of the summer–within just a few weeks of filing our petition with the Pinellas County Circuit Court. Paul patiently explained the process, identifying the most important components of the judgment, including domestication of the adoption in the state of Florida, making our daughter our legal heir, and obtaining a new birth certificate. As the father of an adoptive child from China, he seemed to take much more than a professional interest in our success. We’ll always be grateful to Paul for making our experience with the Florida judicial system a thoroughly positive one.” –Ruth Northcutt, Pinellas County, Florida

“We often reflect on our decision of calling and hiring Paul Consbruck as a day as significant, as the one we first submitted an application with the Chinese Children’s Adoption International. His personal experiences, dedication and thoroughness in the finalization process, and heartfelt joy in helping us to celebrate our special day will always be fondly remembered. We feel blessed to know Paul, to have had him in our corner, and to have had a day that we were able to focus on celebrating and not the stresses of the legal process. We greatly appreciate and highly recommend Paul for all he was and is to adoptive Chinese families.” –Curt & Susan Peterson, Melbourne, Florida

“Paul’s services are professional, efficient, and reasonably priced. We had delayed starting the Recognition of Foreign Adoption simply because we were dreading the endless loop of paperwork and bureaucracy associated with any adoption process. His assistance made the process simple and painless, and a wonderful conclusion to the adoption of our daughter.” –The Ray Family, Jacksonville, Florida

“I had already been through the process to adopt my daughter, which took about 18 months. Then, I had to go through INS to get her U.S. Citizenship. . . a process which took over 2 ½ years! I just did not have the heart or time to try to figure out how to deal with the legal documents or the court system! And local attorneys were going to charge me upwards of $1,000! So I put it off for way too long. Then someone told me that her adoption might not be recognized by all 50 states. Being a single mom, this frightened me. So, when I found out that Paul would handle the Recognition of Foreign Adoption at a VERY reasonable cost, I jumped at the opportunity to get it done. It was painless and professional. Overall, it was a totally pleasurable experience and much easier than the adoption itself!” –Donna Wheeler, Jacksonville, Florida

“It was great having someone complete our Recognition of Foreign Adoption who went through the same experiences that we did in adopting our child. Using Paul was one of the best choices we could have made. The gathering of information was simple and the entire process was painless. If you need to use us as a reference, feel free, we will be glad to share our experiences.” –Tina & Paul Donner, Jacksonville, Florida

“Thank you, Paul, for your expertise and help in the re-adoption of my daughters who were adopted from Guatemala. I had no idea that it would be that easy. You are amazingly helpful and knowledgeable and I am so happy that I decided to use you to represent us.” –Faith Daniels, Plantation, Florida

“After going through so much paperwork to get our son, it was so discouraging to find out that we had, yet, another hurdle to jump before he could finally become ours legally. With our new son demanding so much of our attention, it seemed like we would never be able to deal with all the paperwork and red tape. Paul made this job so easy; we both highly recommend him to all those who need to go through the re- adoption process.” –Diane & Kirby Pain, Jacksonville, Florida

“Once the adoption for my daughter, Kimberly, was completed in China – I knew that I wanted to solidify the process by having a re-adoption ceremony for her. Upon my return to America, I was thrilled to learn that a fellow First Coast Families with Children from China member was handling the legal process for parents in Florida. Paul made the re- adoption a breeze. Basically, all I had to do was provide him copies of the paperwork gathered throughout the adoption process, and he took over from there. When it was the day of the ceremony, Paul worked tirelessly to coordinate the families and the documents to bring the legal process to fruition. Finally, once all documents had been filed with the State and County, I received copies of Kimberly’s Florida Birth Certificate. I can wholeheartedly endorse Paul Consbruck as the attorney to handle this process as well as others for your family. He truly helps families from the heart!” –Carol Mackoul, Jacksonville, Florida

“In October of 2005, we returned from China with our baby daughter. Paul made the process for Recognition of Foreign Adoption enjoyable for all of us. He was well versed on the process, timely, efficient, professional and caring. Paul provides his services at reasonable rates which makes this last step a pleasurable process. He genuinely cares as he has a child from China as well. We urge people to make this final step in foreign adoption a rewarding one for themselves . . . it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that no one can take your child from you!” –Amy & Joe Sisti, Palm Coast, Florida

“After months of completing what seemed like endless mounds of paperwork, our beautiful son was finally home. We wanted to change his middle name and acquire a State-issued birth certificate for him. I didn’t want to put this process off; however I was not looking forward to more paperwork. Besides, I had no idea even where to begin. Then my husband and I came across Paul’s name. After exchanging a few emails, and signing a few forms, we were set to go. Thank you so much for making the last few steps in a very lengthy and challenging process so incredibly easy! We would be very happy to recommend you to anyone that is looking to readopt.” –Christine & Matthew Thomas, Jacksonville, Florida

“The international adoption process is a cumbersome one, which offers its greatest reward when you finally hold your daughter in your arms. At that point, who wants to do more paperwork? Readopting is so important for red-thread families, but it can also seem overwhelming at a time when all you want to do is enjoy the new addition to your family. Paul Consbruck facilitated our Re-adoption, literally taking care of every detail. He was professional and efficient, and easy to keep in touch with. He would return our emails within a few hours, and answer questions immediately. From start to finish, he did an excellent job. We recommend him wholeheartedly!” –Darlene & Anthony Pitaluga, Pembroke Pines, Florida

“Muchas Gracias to Paul for assisting us in successfully obtaining our daughter’s Florida birth certificate via the Recognition of her Foreign Adoption procedure. After returning from China with our daughter Megan in 2005, the last thing we wanted to think about was another paper chase so we waited several months prior to searching for an attorney who could help us. We feel very fortunate to have found Paul who was highly recommended by our local FCC chapter. Any anxiety we had regarding the re-adoption procedure disappeared after our first discussion with Paul. He is extremely knowledgeable, very efficient, and last but not least, his rates are very reasonable. It was also reassuring to us that Paul himself is the father of an adopted child from China. The entire procedure was as easy as providing some paperwork, signing a few forms, and making ourselves available for a court date. Thanks again, Paul and best wishes on your next pending adoption!” –Victor & Tiffany Mendez, Pembroke Pines, Florida

“Charlie and I want to thank you sincerely for helping us with the Recognition of Foreign Adoption for our little Susie. Your efficiency, experience, and professionalism were rivaled only by your pleasant manner. We enjoyed meeting you and would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need of them. Thank you for making the process so easy for us! –Mary & Charlie Chupp, Jacksonville, Florida

“We just completed the readoption process in Sarasota and are totally happy that we had Paul Consbruck, an attorney who works out of the Jacksonville area, but travels all over the state, do the paperwork for us. Although the court hearing only took a few minutes we were happy to pay for his consult and have him file for us. It is all the small details that can be overwhelming but in an expert’s hands it can make everything simple. Paul is very organized and knows all the ins and outs of the process. We have no hesitation in recommending him for same.” –Dennis & Mary Owens, Venice, Florida

“Paul was wonderful. We thought, like many, that we could do the process ourselves, but were told by our County Court that since our son came in on an IR-4 Visa we could not. If you feel that you can do it on your own, be sure of your County laws and requirements. Different documents are needed for different counties in which you live. We felt it was best in the end to use an experienced attorney with such a delicate process. I have heard of families that have had issues once they were at the hearing when trying to do it themselves. I just want to say that Paul made things painless and bump-free. Considering it was our son’s U.S. legalities and legal name change for his COC, that was important!” –Nicole & Gregory Hughes, Winter Haven, Florida

“After a long journey to complete the adoption our daughter from India, Readoption/Recognition of Foreign Adoption in the State of Florida was necessary for us. This process finalized our daughter’s adoption in the U. S. I am glad that I made a phone call to Paul, and discussed our case in a friendly conversation. Paul is very knowledgeable, sincere, and straight forward. It was truly a very pleasant experience working with Paul. He handled all the details in a very methodical and prompt manner. I really appreciated his regular and meaningful communications throughout our daughter’s Readoption process. We would highly recommend Paul Consbruck to all the adoptive families in the State of Florida who are looking to complete the Readoption or Recognition of Foreign Adoption.” –The Gandhi Family, Winter Park, Florida

“We thought we would tackle the re-adoption on our own. Two years went by and we realized we needed help. Paul Consbruck was professional, explained the process in detail and held our hand through the whole process. He is mild-mannered, soft spoken, but got his message across when a court clerk became difficult about a name change procedure the judge had already approved. Paul took the difficulty out and made the process much simpler. We strongly recommend Paul any chance we get and will definitely use him again when we readopt our second daughter. Thank you, Paul!” –Joseph & Leily Chi, Miami, Florida

“Working with Paul has been an absolute dream! The process was flawless from beginning to end. After the stress and wait with adopting internationally, the court hearing was short, sweet, and incredibly smooth. We enjoyed meeting the other families, as well as Paul’s, and hearing about their adoption journey. Thanks, Paul, for helping us take this final step in such an easy fashion. For those of you waiting to take this final step–do it! You will only be satisfied with the results.” –Andrea Joseph, Boynton Beach, Florida

“Thank you for making the last chapter in the adoption process so stress free. You were diligent about answering all my e-mails and silly questions, and keeping me informed about every detail of the process. Thank you for charging a rate so reasonable that allowed us to do this for our daughter. And thank you for bringing your beautiful family with you to the courthouse; it made us feel like we were celebrating with long-time friends. May God bless your family for the way you serve the adoption community.” –Carmen Piper, Delray Beach, Florida

“I cannot say enough how pleased we are with the services that Paul Consbruck provided for our three boys. We are so blessed that we came across Paul and his services. He truly cares about what he does, and knows the legal proceedings very well. Paul is very professional, and always returned phone calls and emails promptly. There is no way we would have successfully done this final phase of the adoption process without his help and guidance. Thank you!” –Jim & Renee Swanda, Jacksonville, Florida

“We strongly recommend using Paul’s services! Paul came highly recommended to us from various members of the South Florida FCC (Families with Children from China ) organization. He is an adoptive parent, so he really was able to relate to our needs. We found Paul to be professional and kind, fast, affordable, and he made our Recognition of Foreign Adoption process easy and painless. I was impressed at how efficient he was. We were able to get in to see the judge early, and he prepared us in advance for anything we would experience, so there were no surprises. And he had all our paperwork organized, so we did not have to waste any time. All we had to do was show up! Before using Paul’s services, we had looked around and received some pretty high quotes from local attorneys. Paul’s fees were very reasonable and extremely competitive, and his services were top notch. The paperwork took no time at all. We highly recommend Paul Consbruck!” –Vivian, Corey, & Kerri Masson, Coral Springs, Florida

“We adopted our daughter from Guatemala and wanted to get the Recognition of Foreign Adoption done so that we would have a Florida birth certificate. We provided Paul with the copies of the paperwork, and he prepared and filed everything. We just had to show up to the courtroom at the appointed time. It couldn’t have been easier!” –Alleen & Ferdinand Santana, Winter Springs, Florida

“I had been putting off getting my daughter’s “Recognition of Foreign Adoption” because I could not find enough information about exactly what to do, and the thought of preparing documents for court without guidance was intimidating. After finding Paul’s website and reading all the great reviews, I decided to e-mail him. Paul got in contact with me immediately, and let me know exactly what the process was and what I needed to provide. For my part, it was extremely easy – just a matter of copying a few of my adoption documents and sending them to him, and filling out a short questionnaire – and Paul did all the rest! In less than a week after receiving my documents, Paul scheduled a court date with the judge for the following week. The meeting with the judge could not possibly have been easier. It was apparent that the judge was already familiar with Paul and trusted his handling of this type of case, because he promptly signed the judgment and we were on our way in less than five minutes! Paul is extremely friendly, helpful, professional and knowledgeable about the process. I would recommend Paul Consbruck without hesitation.” –Karen Bashe, St. Augustine, Florida

“After all the paperwork involved in my daughter’s adoption, it was extremely satisfying to simply have to sign a few forms and show up at the appointed hearing date. Paul took care of the rest. Throughout the process, Paul was always available and consistently followed up to make sure I understood what was going on and what I could expect. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to other families.” –Caryn Campbell, Niceville, Florida

“Thanks for walking us through the process for our readoption – I had no idea this process could be done so quickly! You were organized, kind and helpful, and we appreciated you holding our hand through this final step on our adoption journey. I am so happy that we decided to do this with an attorney rather than on our own. Just having you to call the day of the court date and having you explain each step along the way was worth the cost of this for us. Thanks Paul for your humor and your professionalism it is much appreciated!” –The Pintos, Lake County, Florida

“We would like to thank you for walking us through the process of our daughter’s Recognition of Foreign Adoption. We were honestly dreading starting this process. With our daughter home, MORE paperwork was the LAST thing we wanted. After our first phone conversation, our minds were completely set at ease. Thank you for being so easy to talk to, for being so easy to get in touch with, and for replying to calls/emails so quickly. We appreciated your willingness to answer our many questions and also the speed and efficiency with which you completed our case. You could not have made things simpler for us and we were so incredibly surprised at how soon we had received our final documents in the mail! We have highly recommended you to everyone who has mentioned a need for an attorney and will continue to do so. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” –JJ and Michelle Persike, Pasco County, Florida

“Paul made our readoption process so smooth and simple, we barely even noticed we were doing any paperwork! His personal attention made us feel like we were dealing with an old friend, making the whole thing very easy and enjoyable. Thank you!” –Shona Tuckman, Broward County, Florida

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