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Recognition of Foreign Adoption allows you to obtain a Florida birth certificate so you do not have to rely on the foreign birth certificate, and assume the risk of losing it.

–Readoption establishes U.S. Citizenship, and allows you to apply for a U.S. Certificate of Citizenship, if your child came home on an IR4 visa or IH4 visa.

–Domestic Adoptions are an important part of our practice as well, building families one child at a time.

–Wills, Trusts, and Guardianship will give you the peace of mind that your minor child is protected if something unfortunate happens to you. For more information on these services visit WillsFla.com

–Name Change is permitted in Florida before you acquire a Social Security Number, and other legal documents, for your child.

–Birthdate Change is sometimes needed when foreign-born children come home to the U.S. with birth certificates that do not match their physical development.

–Immigration matters related to adoption can be complex and legal representation is an important consideration.

We’re pleased to have helped with adoptions from each of the nations represented by the flags on our website –42 countries so far.

We are qualified to practice before The United States Supreme Court, and all Maryland and Florida Courts. We can help.

Mr. Consbruck is licensed to practice in Maryland & Florida and before the Supreme Courts of those states and the United States. He has helped over 700 Florida families with adoption issues.

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